Taylor Swift Controversy in “Ready For It”, from Naked to Illuminati Symbols

Taylor Swift’s latest video “Ready for It” invites controversy. Many Swifties (a call for fans) flood her personal social media accounts with various comments and blasphemies.This latest music video becomes viral and the video uploaded on Youtube succeeds in drawing public attention to tens of millions of viewers since it was launched for four days in October 2017.

Clip video made by director Joseph Kahn is still carrying the concept of animatronic with gloomy atmosphere as in the previous clip “Look What You Made Me Do”. In “Ready For It” it is told about the original Taylor Swift resistance to get out of its imitation control. The depiction of two types of personality of the singer of this kind was also found in the previous clip “Look What You Made Me Do” or other.

taylor swift ready for it

But in “Ready For It”, Swift is pictured confined in a glass box hidden naked at all alias nudies. Critics and fans are also busy talking about the issue of nudies the diva in the clip. Millions of tweets and comments from the fans just flooded her personal twitter account. The singer reportedly closed the comment to stop the blasphemy to her ears.

But is it true that Taylor Swift really naked in the clip? See the following video

Without to waiting after a flood tweet, Taylor Swift immediately uploaded some photos in her social media account. On her Twitter account, she uploaded a photo of herself while wearing a bodysuit or a special outfit she wore during the making of the “Ready For It”. This special outfit has a matching color with skin color and thin so it makes it look like naked. In addition, this shirt is also able to provide special effects on the clip. Swift also uploaded other photos with bodysuit clothes on her instagram account.

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The Hidden and Mysterious Illuminated Symbol Issues

In addition to the controversy about the nudies scene, the latest video also brings up a myriad of puzzles due to quite a number of mysterious and inviting controversial hidden symbols. Incidentally also loading of such symbols was also appeared in many clips previous of Taylor Swift.

Here are 7 hidden symbols in the music video “Ready for It” that many highlighted her fans.

1. Symbols of 89 and 91

taylor swift ready for it

This figure appears in the hallway as an affectionate expression for the lover. Known Swift was born in 1989 while Joe Alwyn was born in 1991. Also had appeared the scene squeeze the numbers on a button in the form of number 21 which is the birth date of Joe Alwyn.

2. Symbol Number 13

taylor swift ready for it


This is a symbol of Taylor Swift’s favorite number that has been understood by his fans. This fact is quite unique considering the number 13 is often regarded as an unlucky number by most people.

3. Symbol of the Heart and the Crown

taylor swift ready for it

In this clip also appears a picture of a heart symbol with a crown on it. The crown is believed to be an Irish Claddagh ring as the meaning of a love bond between Taylor Swift with Joe Alwyn.

4. “This Is Enough”

taylor swift ready for it

This thing could be the name of the title for the upcoming new single, like the guesses of the fans.

5. “UR Gorgeous”

Most likely this writing is a nod to the new single although some say the newest single is “Reputation”.

6. “I Love (s) You in Secret”

taylor swift ready for it

Many mean the extra “S” behind LOVE means “song” to designate a name for the song from Tay’s Reputation album.

7. “They’re Burning All The Witchess”

taylor swift ready for it

Some say this is a simbo Iluminati that swiftly swift. Is Swift really an Illuminati? The truth is only Swift herself knows.

That is some facts and controversy following the launch of music video of Taylor Swift’s latest single, “Ready for It”.

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